Sunday, January 22, 2012

For beginners: What do you put in your smoothies?

In general people we come in contact with are always asking, “what’s in the smoothie today”?  From the beginning of our raw food lifestyle we rarely (I mean like 1-2 times a month) use recipes.  We simply buy healthy, reasonably priced raw foods and sometimes from other’s gardens (we don’t have our own . . . YET), then add what we feel would be good in that day’s smoothie.  Once you get going, it’s not very hard to learn what goes well with what.  A few staples we are always using are KALE, SPINACH, CHARD, COLLARD GREENS and various kinds of FROZEN FRUIT.  We typically buy a lot of our produce at Costco.  We’d like to work our way up to buying more “organic” and we do sometimes but it’s harder to get to and more expensive, often times it’s over double the cost.  

Considering we do make our own smoothies with our own “recipes”, meaning each day is a new recipe in a sense, we have made some bad tasting smoothies too.  This will happen once in awhile.  Everyone is different.  Even between the two of us we have personal preferences, but not drastically, so this is not a conflict between us.  Items we DON'T like to add are, broccoli and celery and sometimes bok choy becomes a little to much (for me specifically).  Alicia doesn’t like lemon as much as I do. 

So find what works best for you, either do what we do and just mess around with what you put in your smoothies at first (as long as there’s a good amount of greens) and you’ll find your place OR find recipe ideas in books or online.  There’s a lot of websites out there.  I will list a couple for you.

Chose your future health carefully!!!!!!!       

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